The True Class

As the the adventurer, Ren, opens the door a great ball of fire leaps from the wall and the singed fighter collapses to the ground. Forne quickly races over to Ren and chants words of wisdom, healing his friend.Ren awakes and looks at Forne, “Since when are you a cleric? I thought you where a wizard.” Forne smiles, “Friend, I practice both the arts of the arcane and the Divine.”

Elvish Adventurer

As explained in the Players Hand Book (page 59) a player may choose to multiclass when they start increasing in levels or, they may simply increase their current class another level. As the player handbook explains,

“As your character advances in level, he or she may add new classes. Adding a new class gives the character a broader range of abilities, but all advancement in the new class is at the expense of advancement in the character’s other class or classes. (Page 21, PHB 3.5)”

To multi-class or to take a single class is always on my mind when I create a new character. I myself, favour a multiclass character over a character with a single class; a character I refer to as a True Class (i.e. True Wizard).

I find that the gains of multi-classing outweigh the negatives of a lost level. One of the most common things I like to do with multi-classing is mix a warrior class (fighter, ranger, etc.) with a non-combat class like the Cleric or Wizard. By doing this you gain all the weapons and armour feats of the warrior class; which can be many feats. Another large bonus is the mix of skills you gain. When you add a new class you may purchase any skills in that new class as normal, then, as you go up in levels you still gain the maximum skill rank of all your classes, not just the one you currently increased. Lastly, you gain the rules loop for spells and wands where you can cast any spell from a wand, even if you don’t have the required class level, as long as the spell is on your character’s class spell list. This allows you to take only a single level in a spell casting class and still be able to cast any of their spells, up to 4th level, with a wand. The bonuses of adding even a single level of another class is great, too great to even list here.

More recently I have been seeing the benefits of building a true character, a single class character. I am currently creating a new character and have decided on a Druid. I was originally thinking about mixing the Druid with a level of fighter or ranger, but I may, instead build a True Druid. The largest benefit of creating a true single-class character is that you will gain all their special benefits and higher level spells sooner. Every level of another class you add will cause you to wait another level for that benefit or spells. With all the great Druid special abilities and spells, this is something I have been thinking about in the creation of the Druid. Another benefit that I have noticed more recently is the improved selection of the character’s Race. With the Druid I was thinking about selecting an Elf as a race. With Elf having Wizard as their favoured class I would be forced to select wizard, a class I don’t want, if I only want one level in my second class. For this reason I have been leaning toward a True Elf Druid.

Please, post your thoughts and comments about multiclassing. Also, please post the class combinations you have tried and your experience with those characters.

Canadian Dragon


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3 Responses to “The True Class”

  1. I really like this blog, i hope you make more.

  2. Thank you. I recently have the luck to be able to play a special game with the group that I originally played with. Maybe this will spark me to continue writing a few blog post.

  3. I decided to do another blog post. You will find one covering the bard class.

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