The Beginning

River This is the first post of the Canadian Dragon blog. In this blog I will be writing all about Dungeons and Dragons, the original tabletop game, not the video games that are based on the original game. I will include information about the game, ideas to improve the game, adventure ideas for dungeon masters, role-playing tips for players, my personal experiences, and more. The information will be useful for both players and dungeon masters.

This blog is for people of all experience, from the absolute newbie to the hardened role-player. The blogs will be colour coded to help people read the parts that suit them the most. Text in the standard white will be for everyone, the text in green will be for the newbies or people wanting to learn the game, while the text in red will be for more advanced players only. In the future I may expand on this, but these three colours should be suitable for now.

As this is a blog please feel free to leave your comments, and more importantly, add your personal experiences. It is you that will either make this blog a failure or a complete success. I will explain myself when I make a comment, and will try my best to respond to other comments, but please, refrain from posting any kind of hateful messages and please do not flame anybody including myself. Yelling and screaming will not get your point across, intelligent debate will.

If you have any suggestions or want any questions answered about Dungeons & Dragons please feel free to post them here. I will then make them a topic for a post and write what I can.

This blog will be a daily blog during the week with 5 blogs per week. I may also add additional blogs during the week and during the weekend as I can.

The Canadian Dragon


~ by canadiandragon on December 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Welcome to the RPG blogosphere. I am particularly interested in the art of playing and game mastering (as well as rpg theory), so if you have anything smart to say about those, you have at least one interested reader.

  2. Thank you Tommi for your warm welcome 🙂 I do hope to be able to provide information that is a benefit to everyone, but, I also hope to start a discussion where many people exchange their ideas. I found out that when a person tries to incorporate another’s ideas into their own they usually end up with a better product in the end.

  3. A good discussion is at least to bound to inspire people reading, or participating in, it. Which is certainly a sufficient benefit to justify good discussions.

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